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$7 Affiliate 
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Your gorgeous self + my green eyes on your business! For 90 mins you'll have my undivided attention as we dive into your biz with actionable strategy and fast-track results. I'll give you the social media plan you've been waiting for you to generate the clicks and cash you want (and you deserve!) Think 90 minutes can't change your life? Girl, think again.

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The Unstoppable Blogger

This is my signature coaching program where you get to work 1-1 with me. I'll be giving you 1000% of my focus during each private session as we uncover your blogging business model, heart brand message, marketing strategy...and create the blog of your dreams. 

This program is not for the faint at heart. If you want to grow fast...then let's create your dream business. Don't have a blog, but still want to work together...let's do this. 

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